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I was reading some articles and rumors on forums and then I decided to read the korean-dating or korean-couple thingy on some blogs. Here, I found loootssss of fun because the more you read about their korean-dating-style, the more you will understand the odds of our otp dating style. Lol

LONG POST AHEAD! And please ignore any grammar mistakes please hahaha English isnt my first language ;~;

1. Matching Outfits or Couple Things



To those who say that people who ship just because wearing same outfits or matching accessories are delusionals, I’m sorry but I beg to disagree. We clearly have different culture with Koreans. I read all the blogs about Korean dating style and ALL of them stating that (most of them are foreigners who happened to had vacation or temporarily live in Korea, even some of them experiencing dating Koreans) matching outfits is a must.

Here are the lines about couple things that I got from these blogs/websites.

“Couple T’s are shirts that couples wear that are identical or complimentary in some way. Usually they are really cute – adorable designs with bright colors – they want to display to the public that they are a thing. As if we wouldn’t already know, from the way they act. Sometimes couples have couple sneakers (also very bright and fun), and others have couple rings.” (http://karainseoul.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/korean-couple-culture/)

Let’s couple everything! Make couple into a verb! There’s no more me, no more you. It’s couple me this and couple me that.” “Not satisfied with measly cell phone accessories? Need to flaunt your love to the world? Then perfecting the art of the “couple look” should come next.” (http://blog.korea.net/?p=3482)

Those who do it hardcore will be matching in EVERY way. Same shoes, same shirt, same jeans, same coat, same bag, etc” “I asked my students why Korean couples do couplewear and the general consensus was “because he’s MINE and EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT!” This might give the impression that Korean girls are possessive, but I haven’t done any more research to back that claim up.” (http://margarettriesbeing.blogspot.com/2012/07/dating-in-korea-korean-dating-style.html)

“In Korean culture, the role of the man will always be more dominant in the relationship, but when you see the lengths these boys will go to get the girl, you can’t help but smile: holding her purse, wearing matching outfits, and giving lots of gifts.” (http://blog.aclipse.net/teach-in-Korea/bid/58178/Dating-in-Korea-vs-Dating-in-North-America-What-you-need-to-know)

“It seems to me that since dating is not as casual here, when you are in a relationship it makes it that much more special.  Men want to make sure that everyone knows the girl is theirs, so basically they are peeing on their territory.  Not sure if it justifies wearing matching jackets and shirts, but hey, to each their own.” (http://www.lifeaftercubes.com/2010/07/25/dating-in-korea/)

There are lot more but let’s stop it right there hahaha. See? Lot of foreigners kind of ‘raised the eyebrows’ because of the mushy things Korean couple do. Not only that, Korean men expected to be perfect-gentlemen. It’s not a rare sight to see some guy hold his girlfriend purse when they’re on a date, hold her hands, wearing matching outfits again, and many more. Some people also said that wearing matching outfits could be interpreted they’re missing each other.

Gelang LV Dara and GD

A8q98cxCcAAMtEn.jpg large



Back to Nyongdal, we can see they wore matching outfits (or they’re just plainly SAME outfits lol) a lot, in any occasion. True, it’s not only Jiyong and Dara, but hey, we cant even count just how many times they got caught wearing the-almighty-same-outfits. If they’re not couple clothes/couple things, then what are they? It’s up to you again to judge. Hahahaha.

International fans don’t really give a fuck because same clothes are just a plain LOL. Read those articles again, watch We Got Married and some dramas (this is more legit because you will really know and watch them yourself). You will know the importance of couple things or same clothes and accessories or matching outfits. If you judge us, nyongdal supporters as delusionals because we like them based on what nyongdal wear, let me tell you in one phrase: move to the next section. ;)

2. Gender Roles and Aegyo

“Korean guys are not about to let the ladies sit there looking bored. In fact, they’ll rarely take their focus off of them for the entire night. They are fantastic at keeping the conversation going, making you laugh, even pulling out magic tricks when there’s a lull just to keep you entertained. They’ll refill your drink before you even get to the bottom, notice if you shiver or seem uncomfortable in your seat, and immediately do something to rectify the situation. They won’t be looking around at other girls, and they certainly won’t get lost in conversation with each other.” (http://imnopicasso.blogspot.com/2010/03/korean-dating-culture-where-is-love.html)


About gender roles, here is the thing: we, international fans, don’t really give a fuck about aegyo (act all cutesy and babyish) and such thing. It’s not like we don’t do it too, we just have different kind and different way of showing them. Every person is sure different. It’s kinda confusing for me too when they expect their men to be such gentlemen and manly, but they also like it when their men do aegyo. Same goes to the girls, Korean girls expected to be all cute and sweet, so they will compatible with these manly men.

“Oh, and be sure to make up your own special language that makes others cringe and shudder, lay on the syrupy sweetness as thick as you can and text away!” (http://blog.korea.net/?p=3482)

Some staffs at the broadcast studios stated that Jiyong is quite cold and distant, but he is also a gentleman and has good manners.

Despite of his cold and distant image, he himself acknowledged that he always acts differently in front of a special someone. He said that he will be coy and childish in front of his girlfriend.

Funny because he only did that in front of Sandara Park.

JIYONG AND DARA CUTE CONVO: http://ygladies.com/dara/121229-g-dragon-ibgdrgn-darong



Please pay your attention to the underlined words.

Yes, what if k-netizens didn’t know about Dara’s nickname was actually Dalong? They probably will think that Jiyong was being cute for his girlfirend, calling her with such sweet endearment. If there’s nothing between both of them, why did he call her that? Well, perhaps it’s only my opinion… but you can totally understand what do I mean, right?

And the epic last part: he is happy.

Why would he be sooooo happy when Dara only appeared less than one minute doing nothing but passed by, posing as if she’s the ideal girl that he fell in love with? He’s also thankful because of that. Hahahaha did you secretly beg for her to appear when actually it’s not like that, Ji? Did she refuse your proposal but you were so persistent then she accepted it and you’re so happy because of that?

Guys, your guess is as delusional as mine. :P

3. Dating-Marriage and Dating Secretly


“But a lot of my Korean friends admit to dating a guy they would never bring home to their parents, let alone marry, simply because he’s good looking, dresses nice, buys her nice things, or is just fun to be around. When it comes to dating, it’s all just fun….but when it comes to marriage, the standards are high. Parents in any culture want the best for their children; it’s not uncommon to hear a father say to a prospective suitor to his daughter: “You are a good guy, but just not for my daughter!” “ (http://morgansheartandseoul.blogspot.com/2011/10/rules-of-dating-korean-style.html)

“Korean parents are notoriously strict when it comes to their childrens’ spouses.” (http://www.lifeaftercubes.com/2010/07/25/dating-in-korea/)

“I can only imagine that secret dating is common here, and that when the couples are out in public it may be the only time that they can be together.  Thus, they are as affectionate towards each other as they would be in private if they had the chance.” (http://www.lifeaftercubes.com/2010/07/25/dating-in-korea/)

Here I concluded that Korean loves to play ‘hide and seek’. They love telling people that they belong to each other in subtle way (by flaunting couple things) but they like it to keep it themselves (that they’re dating). If they started to date openly, and they already introduce each other to the parents, it usually means that they’re really serious and considering marriage for their next step.

As a Korean, both Dara’s family and Jiyong’s are really proud of their culture. Just look at Jiyong’s manners, he is raised properly as a Korean man. As for Dara, we all know that she lived in Philippines for quite long time but she never forget her country. She sang ‘Arirang’ in a show in Philippines and according to Bom, whenever theyre out of country, Dara doesn’t really like to eat if there’s no kimchi. Besides, both of their family was kind of know-each-other very well.

Dami (Jiyong’s older siter) once greeted Durami (Dara’s little sister) on her birthday in her twitter account (but sadly now it’s deactivated). Cheondoong/Sanghyun (Dara’s little brother) also stated in his twitter not quite long ago for Dara to be happy. He used hengsho (meaning: be happy) which was popular because of Jiyong.

Watch this video:


1. Range Rover


GD with white range rover,the person who saw the car thinks that it might be dara,but the reality is..G-Dragon. (via @SandaraBarPinky)

GD once spotted riding a white range rover when he visited a store in Korea. Do you know whats funny? Some fans or people assumed that it was Dara who brought the car but turned out it was GD. Isnt this plain cute, because netizens and local fans there already set their mind that White Range Rover is identic with Dara. The famous star who owned white range rover from YG is Dara. But why Jiyong rode this one? Alright, lets just take it that his car is out of gasoline (and that would be LMFAO) and then he borrowed Dara’s car. But then again, why Dara? J

Oh once more: these two has the same famous color car. White bentley and white range rover. Fuck yeah.

2. Silver/Gold Cartier Bracelet

tumblr_m5r3t32PY81rykq8to1_500 tumblr_m82ea89Hvi1rykq8to1_500

Dara bought four silver cartier bracelets for 2NE1 members, remembrance of their anniversary. Cute thing is, Jiyong is also famous of wearing this bracelet. It’s like he would wear this bracelet in any occasion. But nowadays, the cartier bracelet is not silver anymore but gold. TOP also once spotted wore this kind of bracelet. Here I want to take a serious note: TOP spotted once. 2NE1 members also wear this bracelet not in every occasion, they wear it just as they wanted to. But why…. It’s only Dara and GD who persistenly wear this kind of bracelet? I mean, if these bracelets are from sponsors… they don’t need to wear it all day long, right? It’s okay if they wear in some concert or commercial so the whole world will know about this kind of brand. Cute is, they also wear this bracelets on their daily life, when people doesn’t really pay attention to what they wear. If this is not something as important as couple things (or some kind like wedding ring in western style), why do they wear it almost every day? J

3. Schedule

couplesytyle - idc

GD is known as supportive sunbae for 2NE1. He was there when 2NE1 filming for FIRE MV (he was also come out as cameo hahaha), he was also there for their first debut stage, he was there on 2NE1 first magazine photograph (he even treated the girls sandwich). You can watch it all in 2NE1TV season 1.


Dara has been a loyal fangirl of YG Family concert. She stated on KBS Winwin before that she watched YG ‘One’ Concert in 2004 (she came to Korea at that time despite of her busy schedule as superstar in Philippines), then she was almost always spotted in every Bigbang concert too, even until this Alive Tour. Not only that, GD went to 2NE1 Nolza concert three days row (he came as a guestar with Park Myungsoo to perform ‘I Cheated’ on the last day, watch 2NE1 TV season 3) and he also didn’t miss the last day of New Evolution Concert in Seoul. Heck, he also came as guestar in Nolza Concert in Japan with TOP. Oh an once more: Dara continuosly updated her me2day about GD solo concert before. She also posted a pic when she was wearing a jacket staff. True, perhaps she came to the rehearsal venue because she performed too with GD, but it’s just so cute because Dara seemed like very excited and she kind of gave us the thought that she stayed for quite a long time there. It’s neither her nor 2NE1 concert, she was just featured in one song and it’s not that long. But why she… stayed? Oh well, it’s her boyfriend concert of course she was excited and stayed to be with and accompany him. Hahahaha

“The first thing to look out for when trying to dig up dating celebrity couples is to see which idols are holding promotional activities at the same time.” –Dalshabet on interview about idol secret dating. (http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainment/view/1154082/1/.html)

Isnt it cute when GD almost have matching or ‘near’ schedule with 2NE1? His Heartbreaker album was near 2NE1 debut. Same goes with 2NE1 debut in Japan, it’s near with GD and TOP Japanese debut too.

4. Ideal Type

Jiyong’s ideal type:


“It’s important that I feel comfortable around her. In the past, I used to have a detailed vision of what my ideal woman would be like; for example, ’someone with short hair and a tomboyish style’. But these days, it’s just someone who I’m comfortable with and doesn’t act fake around me.” Jiyong‘s ideal woman, DongA interview.

“She has to be fashionable and serious. We have to have mutual respect to this relationship. I don’t care about the age. It is just a number, it is also okay if she is older than me by 10 years.”

Dara’s ideal type:

“Cute, tough, younger guy.” –Strong Heart

Jiyong is quite often ‘change’ his ideal type but it subtly aimed or pointed to one person. While Dara never really change her ideal type. It’s always cute-tough-younger guy but nowadays she also added someone who is slender like dadoong (her cat).

5. Smiles


gstaresmiles (6) gstaresmiles (2) gstaresmiles (1) gstaresmiles (1)

Seems like I don’t really need description for this? Kekeke~

Watch these video:


It’s still for you to decide and what to believe. Let’s do it for fun and support! kkkk~

Thankyou for reading this rant of mine. :)

Special thanks to: @Baktinski @bogoshipoppa <3

All pictures belong to the respective owners. THANKYOU SO MUCH <3

18 thoughts on “Korean Dating of Nyongdal | Daragon | 뇽달

  1. If you still wavering about daragon after read this.

    Don’t call yourself Applers.

    I’m Daragon Supporter

    Nyongdal Hengsho Ξ\(ˇ▽ˇ)/ξ

  2. Thank you very much! That was awesome… My belief about these two never changed.. I really love them both.. I hope that they continue being happy with each other.. They are indeed real…No doubts about it..hengsho!!!

  3. Thank you for share :) so glad to know this information about my otp .. I already believe and know that they are real.. But after read this I still blussed XD awww DARGON is so sweet as well XD

  4. thank for sharing this blog….were hoping this couple make a real true couple soon…
    i love dara and gdragon so much…fighting daragon,applers…….!!!!!

  5. thanks for sharing this! its really helping to ease my stressful and boring life`~~ love daragon couple, they are my vitamin when im down and lonely,,i believe they are real with all those evidences u cant denied the fact~~~ though they dont reveal it yet,^ they’re match made in heaven and im dying on waiting for the right time they would announce to us the good news,, they are together and planning for a wedding,,,kyahhhh!!!

  6. saya kok suka sama rambut kemoceng gd diatas yaak.. XD *komentar random, abaikan*
    naaaah, naaah… please say that i’m delu.. but i don’t mess with other, so.. leave me alone with my delusion.. XD

  7. It opens my mind ….this day im confuse because of so many news againts Daragon..the lesson here is don’t waver because of the firm evidences…

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