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This is the home of daragon (Sandara Park x G Dragon) fanfiction in bahasa. We do rants about this couple too. Let’s talk and spread the daragon giddiness!

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[rant] Proud Delusionals!

yeolbongProud Delusionals

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Hello hello! I’m back with another post hahaha. This was started after I was looking for Dara and Jiyong past pictures, then I found one when Dara took a picture with Dongwook and Hanbyul. Choi Dongwook aka Se7en and Park Hanbyul, they were seniors in YG and they’re Dara’s bestfriends. Probably you all already know that Se7en and Hanbyul had a secret relationship back then for almost 7 years, they revealed that they’re dating in 2009 and until now, they’re still together. How sweet, right? ^_^

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Korean Dating of Nyongdal | Daragon | 뇽달


I was reading some articles and rumors on forums and then I decided to read the korean-dating or korean-couple thingy on some blogs. Here, I found loootssss of fun because the more you read about their korean-dating-style, the more you will understand the odds of our otp dating style. Lol

LONG POST AHEAD! And please ignore any grammar mistakes please hahaha English isnt my first language ;~;

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[fanfic] Dara Unnie Ppalliwayo!


Ps: this is Jennie’s POV 

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[fanfic] MAMA Backstage

[fanfic] Wedding Organizer 01

wedding-organizer banner

Title: Wedding Organizer

Casts: Sandara Park, Kwon Jiyong, Tiffany Hwang, Lee Donghae

Rating: T

Chapter: 00 Prolog

Genre: drama, romance

Summary: There are 9.5 million people in the city. Can you find one person that you love and loves you back?


01. Way To Go

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[ficlet] Demi

Title                : Demi

Rating             : T

Genre             : fluff, crack

A/N                : Dont expect too much. Cerita yang ini sengaja dibikin settingnya ala Indonesian lol gimana doooong gue keranjingan mereka beneran somebody helep meh! :p

‘Ga, kalo gue bilang gue kangen sama elo, lo bakal langsung lari ke kontrakan gue gak?’


‘apa ini ngerayu gaya baru? kalo iya, udah basi.’


‘terserah lo mau bilang gue udah basi atau busuk sekalipun. yang jelas hari ini gue lagi kangen elo :)


‘gue suka gaya basi lo kok. tunggu. gue otw.’

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[rant] Stupid in Love

What matters are, they are now together and happy. Aigooo I cannot with these stupid in love people kkk~

credit to owner

[ficlet] First Fall

First Fall;

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[rant] ICWYDT

credit to uploader

Oh baby boy. You’re too good with your poker face. It was too good that it’s getting obvious! Teehee. Here is my opinion. Don’t take anything seriously okay. If you agree with me, then lezz spazz. If youre not, well its not that hard to click the close tab on your window ;)

So here is my analyze!

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